HEYYA is brand new music video from Tanzania's Sinaubi Zawose teamed up with polish bassplayer and producer, Radek Bond Bednarz, founder of Pamoja Zanzibar live music platform. The song comes from GOGO HIP album recorded last year in Dar es Salaam. The release went TOP 20 on World Music Charts Europe and will be presented again this summer at some of Europe's finest stages.

Music video HEYYA was entirely shot in Bagamoyo and features vibrant team of local fashion designers, actors and dancers.

Sinaubi Zawose & Pamoja Zanzibar - HEYYA (official video)


new album by SINAUBI ZAWOSE & PAMOJA ZANZIBAR creates bridges connecting past and present generations, delivering a new and unique blend of traditional and contemporary Gogo music with powerful messages sung in Swahili and Gogo dialects. Sinaubi has a clear vision and mission to preserve and sustain the legacy of his late father Dr Hukwe Zawose, master of Gogo music and chief of the Zawose dynasty. GOGO HIP was recorded live in January 2023 at Wanene Studios, Dar es Salaam Tanzania engineered by Humphrey Mboks Domboka and produced by Radek Bond Bednarz.
The release went TOP 20 on World Music Charts Europe.