SinaUbi Zawose

Creates bridges connecting past and present generations, delivering a new and unique blend of traditional and contemporary Gogo music and dance, with powerful messages sung in Swahili and Gogo tribe dialects.

SinaUbi Zawose was born on 1st February 1995 in the musical dynasty of The Zawose family, the largest East Africa Gogo Tribe as Msafiri Lucas Zawose. SinaUbi started as Traditional dancer and ngoma player at the age of 10 under teachings and guidance of his father Dr Hukwe Ubi Zawose, legendary Tanzanian musician that passed away suddenly in 2003.

The Zawose family didn't like SinaUbi playing music on the courtyard of the family without finishing his secular education but SinaUbi continued playing secretly and singing the music of his father and uncles because for him the Gogo tribe music and rhythms run in his veins.

In 2008 with the help of his family Zawose spirit, SinaUbi released his first album with traditional Tanzanian music called WICHIMAJE.

In 2014 he joined the The Arts and Cultural Institute in Bagamoyo (Taasisi ya Sanaa na Utamaduni Bagamoyo) known as TaSUBa.

In 2019 SinaUbi joined EAST AFRICA GOT TALENT show in Nairobi, Kenya with 5000 artists. Reaching semi-finals, he was among top 10 and by doing so made history of this tournament by being the first East African artists to perform traditional music using native instruments (zeze) live on stage. The audience appreciated how well SinaUbi represented his country with his strong performance based on great instrumental skills and powerful voice.

In 2020 Sinaubi performed SAUTI ZA BUSARA, the biggest festival in EAST AFRICA and has been recognised with The Beyond Music Award, a project that brings together various artists from around the globe. Sinaubi collaborated with artists from Portugal and Kazachstan.

In 2021 Sinaubi released his second album TANZANIA, presented at WOMEX Worldwide Music Expo 2021 in Portugal. End of the year Sinaubi won the Best Traditional Singer Award in Dodoma (Tanzania).

In 2022 SinaUbi developed collaboration with Radek Bond Bednarz, musician and producer from Poland, founder of Pamoja Zanizbar artistic platform. They toured together Zanzibar and mainland Tanzania as SINAUBI ZAWOSE & PAMOJA ZANZIBAR in unique polish-tanzanian line-up featuring Lucas Uni Zawose, Ally Lumbi, Gerard Lebik, Łukasz Dembiński and Bond.

SINAUBI ZAWOSE has a clear vision and mission to preserve and sustain the legacy of his father Dr Hukwe Ubi Zawose and Charles Ubi Zawose, masters of Gogo music and chiefs of the Zawose dynasty. SinaUbi's goal is to always deliver a high quality live performance of his own music based on and influenced by traditional Swahili and Gogo tribe songs and dances. SinaUbi continues collaborating with the government and various institutions in promoting Peace, Unity and stability in the Union of Tanzania and around the globe.

--- photos by Qąrim Mųkrim